"Shindig" originally came from the word "shindy," meaning a "spree of merrymaking." Today, it usually means a dance, party, or lively gathering, which your little one's party will certainly become with the addition of one of our characters!


Your chosen character will come to your celebration prepared with games, activities, and interactive stories based off of fairy tales and folklore, in order to entertain your little royals. Each character wears a gorgeous handmade ensemble, and has a beautiful and engaging personality to match.


We have several set shindigs (packages) from which you can choose, or you can work with our Castle Team to custom create a personalized shindig. Regardless of which option you choose, we guarentee a memorable and magical experience and a shindig you will never forget!


By following the links at the top of this page, you can find information on our packages and prices, which characters are currently available , and read our frequently asked questions regarding our parties and booking procedures . When you're ready to make your Royal Reservation, please contact our Castle Team.

What is a Shindig?

Who will come to your Shindig?

Your shindig will be attended by one of our enchanting characters, portrayed by one of our highly trained performers. We only hire professional actors, actors in professional training programs, or performers with prior royal experience to ensure the highest quality at your shindig. Often, our characters are often accompanied by an attendant. Our attendants are not only part of the performance, but they help to ensure that your shindig runs smoothly, so that our performer can focus on providing the most magical experience possible. Below, you will find more information about our current experienced performers!

 A Royal Shindig differs from other companies in that we place the magic above everything else. Our characters wear handcrafted ensembles of the highest quality and each is portrayed by a professional actor, or by an actor currently in a professional training program. All of our actors undergo additional "shindig-specific" training when they arrive at our castle, to get as close as possible to a princess perfect performance.


We also break the royal mold in that, while we do take advanced bookings up to two months in prior to your event, we also specialize in last-minute bookings. We begin taking last-minute Royal Reservations each Monday for the upcoming weekend, on a first come, first serve basis. We also offer special seasonal and surprise packages designed to turn an ordinary day into a special extraordinary memory. If you've left things to the last minute, let us alleviate your stress by providing high quality entertainment that will make your celebration smooth and polished like a royal jewel.

What Makes Us Special?

A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess Parties NYC A Royal Shindig Princess PArties NYC A Royal Shindig PRincess Parties NYC

Princess Chrissy

This crown ain't big enough for the both of us (i.e. her two degrees).

Princess Chrissy is good friends  with our Snow Queen, Mermaid Princess, Fairest Princess, Enchanted Rose Princess, Princess-in-Training, Princess Glissade, and our wizard, Spencer. She is also a proud court attendant. She is an experienced actress who holds an M.F.A. and B.A. in Acting, a minor in dance, and over a decade of vocal training. She specializes in improvisational interaction and has worked with children for over seven years. As a member of the Castle Team, Princess Chrissy helps to manage reservations, update the royal webpage, and proudly creates and maintains our Princesses' gowns and accessories. With four years of princess experience already under her tiara, Princess Chrissy would love to make your shindig an unforgettable affair!

Princess Sivan

Loves princessing as much as she dislikes the two train (that's a lot).

Although Princess Sivan originally hails from the warmer climes of New Mexico, she is very close friends with our Winter Princess. A court attendant, she is becoming good friends with our other royals, as we speak. Princess Sivan is currently pursuing her B.F.A. in Acting while she resides in our Castle. An invaluable member of our Castle Team, Princess Sivan can't wait to make your little royal's birthday an unforgettable magical memory!

Princess Shelly

Is still finding rhinestones stuck to her belongings (and we wouldn't have it any other way).

Although Princess Shelly has moved out of our kingdom, she's still our valued royal advisor and consults with Princess Chrissy on large events. She is a Reserve Royal, meaning she'll sometimes make surprise appearances when she visits the Castle. During her tenure in the kingdom, Princess Shelly was good friends with our Mermaid Princess, Winter Princess,  and our wizard, Hannah. She was also on the court of all of our beautiful royals. Shelly is trained in improvisational interaction, has worked with children for many years, and has prior experience as a princess performer. A member of the dynamic duo that founded our kingdom, Princess Shelly still makes magic from her distant land!

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Snow Sisters Story Time

Snow Sisters Story Time

Public Performances

Public Performances

A Serious Business

A Serious Business

Royal References

Our royals have performed at public and private venues all over Brooklyn and Manhattan including, but not limited to, the following community organizations and businesses:

  • Atlantic Avenue LDC

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy


  • Stoopher and Boots

  • The Flying Squirrel

As for our birthday shindigs, they're our crowning achievement. You can see why with this review from our former client, Samantha R. below:

"A Royalmazing Shindig!"

I can not thank A Royal Shindig enough for making my granddaughter's 5th Birthday party so amazing. The Snow Queen and Winter Princess went above and beyond. They sang songs, danced, played such cute and fun games, gave princess etiquette lessons, princess glitter makeover and even had a special coronation ceremony for the birthday princess with a gorgeous (metal and rhinestone) keepsake tiara that my granddaughter will cherish forever! During their visit my granddaughter several times ran over to me to say "NayNay this is the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!" and for making her day such a special one I thank you so so very much! We couldn't be happier! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this company 100,000%!!! I am so grateful for the memories that will last us a lifetime. We can't wait until our next Royal Shindig!

Disclaimer: A Royal Shindig is not affiliated with any company, theme park, or other entity, and does not offer any licensed characters. Our characters are based off of fairy tales and folk lore that have existed for centuries and pre-date copyright. Any resemblance to other renditions  of these characters is incidental and no copyright infringement is intended.


Email: aroyalshindig@gmail.com Tel: 814-450-3492

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