The Fairest Princess

Our Fairest Princess will attend your party or event in her brightly colored gown, a favorite of little princesses everywhere. She never forgets to wear her favorite accessory --her smile! Always kind and gentle, this Princess is beloved by old and young alike. She is a treasured guest at any public or private event.

The Enchanted Rose Princess
The Snow Queen

Our Snow Queen makes each party  or event she attends instantly "cool." She will come to your shindig wearing her favorite sparkling  ice blue dress with glittering train. Her hair is anchored with dazzling crystal snowflakes that grow smaller down her braid. She may reign over all things ice and snow, but she will surely melt your little royal's heart!


*Our Snow Queen has updated her look, which you can see on our home page and throughout the website. New solo gallery coming soon!

Fairytale Princesses

Our Fairytale Princesses love nothing so well as a magical shindig! Scroll down to learn about each of our royals. Our castle is home to wizards and enchanted ballerinas, as well as our resident royals. Vist our Other Characters page to learn more.

Mermaid Princess

Our Mermaid Princess can swim to your shindig on land in either her beautiful sea green ball gown and matching starfish, or her favorite town dress and bow! Spunky and playful, she loves to learn about all things human and share her knowledge of the sea. If you invite the Mermaid Princess to your shindig, prepare for a splashtastic time!


Our Enchanted Rose Princess can attend your shindig in her beautiful yellow ball gown or her blue town dress and matching bow. A book-lover, the Enchanted Rose Princess loves to share stories of adventure -- both those she has read and her own personal tales. Spirited and gracious, she's the perfect addition to any shindig!


The Winter Princess

Our Winter Princess is certain to make any party she attends a royal adventure (in all of the best ways)! She comes prepared for anything in her favorite travelling outfit, complete with her cozy fuscia cape, hand embroidered bodice and blouse, and bejeweled skirt. A born leader, she'll make sure your little royal's party is a mountain of fun, regardless of the season!

The Princess-in-Training

The newest addition to our royal line-up, is also the youngest! Although a child, she uses magic to turn into a big princess for the day, so she can share all she's learning about being a good leader and a better person with all the little royals she meets. She'll come to your party wearing her favorite violet ballgown, ready to play her way into your little royal's heart!


Disclaimer: A Royal Shindig is not affiliated with any company, theme park, or other entity, and does not offer any licensed characters. Our characters are based off of fairy tales and folk lore that have existed for centuries and pre-date copyright. Any resemblance to other renditions  of these characters is incidental and no copyright infringement is intended.


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