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How far in advance do you book?


For right now, because of our princesses' busy schedules, we can only take reservations no more than two months prior to your event. We do specialize in last-minute bookings, however. We begin taking last-minute Royal Reservations for the upcoming weekend on the Monday of each week, until all of our available times are taken. We take bookings in the order in which we recieve them to ensure that we remain fair.

I emailed you yesterday. Why haven't I heard back?


Our Castle Team have occupations that require them to be outside of the kingdom for several hours a day. We do our best to return all calls and emails in a timely manner, generally within twenty-four hours. Rest assured that we will take your booking in the order in which it was recieved . For example, if you are the second email in our inbox,  you will be the second inquiry we return.

I'm the host of this shindig. Do you need anything? What do I have to do?


Our characters will require a private room to change into and out of their gowns, since they cannot travel on public transit in their attire. We prefer that this room be away from the children, or that the children be distracted when we arrive and exit, to ensure that the magic stays alive. If it is impossible to provide this, please let us know upon booking and we will do our best to find a solution.


Our characters come prepared with all of their supplies in their party suitcase. A table or surface for our music player and for certain activities is appreciated. Our performers also appreciate a glass of water to wet their whistle while making magic happen.


Our characters will handle the entertainment of your little royals for the duration of their visit. However, our royals are there to entertain and CANNOT, under any circumstances, discipline a child. We require that adult royals be present at all time to supervise the little ones.

What do I need to book? And how do I pay?


You will need a valid email address. We will email you the contracts and event questionaire, which you must return to us -- via email -- within 48 hours, in order to ensure your spot. Please know the character, time, number of guests, nature of your celebration, and location of your shindig when you book. We require a 25%, non-refundable deposit upon booking ,which must be paid using PayPal. This is to ensure that, should you cancel on us last minute, we can still pay our performers for their personal inconvience.


You may pay the rest of your balance using credit through PayPal online or in cash upon arrival. Our performers will not perfom if the full balance is not presented to them prior to performing. Please refer to our How to Book a Shindig page for a complete walkthrough.

Where are you based? And where will you travel?


We are a Brooklyn-based company and will travel to most areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan accessible by mass transit. However, for certain locations we must charge an additional travel fee to cover the cost of our performers' time to and from your party, as well as other travel expenses. Please note that parties over one and a half hours away from our castle will also be charged extra travel fees to cover our performers' time. These fees are listed on our Princess Party Packages page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of our most common questions. If you can't find your answer below, please contact a member of our castle team who will be pleased to assist you.

What ages do you perform for? And can boys attend?


We believe the best ages for an unforgettable shindig are those little royals who are old enough to understand, but young enough to still believe in the magic, or at least let go enough to have fun. We find this tends to be ages 3-8 for Princesses and ages 6-12 with our wizards. However, if invited, we will gladly come and attend your shindig even if your royal falls outside of this age range, and we will do our absolute best to make it the most memorable experience possible.


And absolutely! Boys are allowed to attend our shindigs, our Wizards are usually a big hit with them. Our princesses love little princes though, and will include them as much as possible. Birthday Princes are absoultely wonderful, too.

Do you perform at charity events? Do your princesses visit sick little ones?


Yes! We do perform at charity events and charity fundraisers in exchange for being able to pass out our information. However, our princesses schedules are very busy, so we typically choose three or four major charity events a year to attend. If you would like to be one of them, contact our Castle Team!

Our Princesses are honored to bring magic to little royals who are suffering from terminal illness or have recently suffered a tramatic life event. We believe strongly in the healing power of the hope a princess can provide. To arrange a Wishing Well visit, please contact our Castle Team.




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