Other Magical Characters

Our Castle is home to not only beautiful princesses, but enchanted dancers, and bewitching wizards! Scroll down to learn more about these original characters, sure to add a unique type of magic to your special shindig!

Princess Glissade, the Enchanted Ballerina

Bewitching Wizards

Princess Glissade hails from the magical kingdom of En L'air, where dance isn't just a passion, it's a way of life. A member of the Royal Ballet of her kingdom, Princess Glissade (or Glee) will teach your little royals to glide on air (just like her name!). She will come to your party dressed in her favorite pink romantic tutu. She will begin by telling the story of a famous classical ballet, then teaching her petite dancers a combination from the score of the ballet they learned about. Your little royal's party will be a leaping success, which will leave your guests begging for an encore.


*Photo gallery coming soon!

Our Bewitching Wizards are pleased to pop in from time to time from the Wizarding World for some magical fun! Longtime friends, former prefects of their school of magic, and current dark-wizard catchers, Hannah and Spencer are utterly charming hosts who will lead your young witches and wizards in high-energy games and activities based on their world.* Even though they aren't allowed to perform magic around non-magical folk, the memories they create will last longer than a permanent sticking charm!


*Please note that these characters and games are based on bestselling children's book series. They do not teach or perform any magic or tricks.

Disclaimer: A Royal Shindig is not affiliated with any company, theme park, or other entity, and does not offer any licensed characters. Our characters are based off of fairy tales and folk lore that have existed for centuries and pre-date copyright. Any resemblance to other renditions  of these characters is incidental and no copyright infringement is intended.


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